A Giant-Sized Insect Exhibition Has Recently Become Open To The Public

A Giant-Sized Insect Exhibition Has Recently Become Open To The Public

When it comes to the Midwest, most people don’t have much to say. The Midwest may not be the most desirable region of the United States to live in, but if there is one reason to visit Oklahoma, then it would be to visit the museum of giant animatronic insects that react to your presence. These giant insects don’t just respond to human visitors, but they also interact with other giant animatronic insects that are also displayed at the museum. One of these bugs, for example, is the monarch butterfly. The mantis and the butterfly are the centerpieces of a recently opened exhibition called, “Backyard Bugs: An Oklahoma Insect Adventure.” This exhibition is being held at the Science Museum Oklahoma, which recently opened.

The purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint people with insects in a way that is not frightening. However, I am not sure if building giant animatronic insects is the best solution. However, many visitors are intrigued with their surroundings, and the bizarre anatomy of the insects being demonstrated. At first some are repulsed by the giant bugs, but even those who run away in fear always return to satisfy their curiosity. The idea behind creating an interactive experience with the bugs is to give humans a personal experience with insects. Many people leave the exhibition with an improved understanding of the role that insects play in the natural world.

Insects account for ninety percent of all species on the planet. Insects are also major contributors to our primary source of food. This is because many different insects pollinate the plants that we grow, so without insects we would not have the fruit and vegetables that we need. And insects consume other insect-pests that have a negative impact on the environment. But of course, there are also insects that spread disease, so knowing more about insects is always a good thing.

Have you ever attended an insect museum, or any other type of arthropod museum? If so, where was the museum located?

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