Homeowner’s Worry About Termites, But Avoid Termite Inspections

Homeowner’s Worry About Termites, But Avoid Termite Inspections

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As children we are told to eat our veggies and brush our teeth. We may not have wanted to, but we eventually learned that such habits are necessary in order to avoid future problems. In this case, future problems would include cavities and malnutrition. As adults, we are told to have our homes inspected for termites on a regular basis in order to avoid the possibility of costly termite infestations in the future. But according to a recent survey, adults, much like disobedient children, avoid necessary termite inspections. We avoid termite inspections despite knowing full well that these inspections may save us money in the long run. This same study also found that homeowners worry about termite infestations despite not having termite inspections conducted.

According to homeowner surveys collected by officials with the National Pest Management Association thirty eight percent of adults worry about their homes becoming infested with termites. Thirty three percent of survey respondents claimed to have known someone who experienced a termite infestation. And most surprisingly, fifty two percent of homeowners have never had their homes inspected for termites.

Officials working for the National Pest Management Association (NMPA) were surprised to learn that thirty eight percent of homeowners worried about termites while many of these concerned homeowners knew someone who had experienced the stress of a termite infestation. You would think that homeowners would be prompted to have their homes inspected after watching people that they know experience the hardships that go along with termite infestations.

According to Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the NPMA, in order to keep homes from becoming significantly damaged at some point in the future, regular termite inspections are absolutely necessary. Regular inspections are especially important given that most home insurance programs do not cover termite-related damages. Termites, often referred to as “silent destroyers”, cause five billion dollars in damage in America each year, and this is mostly because homeowners fail to have their homes inspected for termites.

Do you have your home inspected for termites at least once a year? Does your landlord have termite inspections conducted on the property where you are living? Have you ever hired a termite control professional?




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