How And When Mice Sleep

Many house mouse infestations are discovered at night, when someone hears the mice squeak or scratch in the walls. In fact, it’s one of the most reliable signs that there is an infestation in the home. This begs a few questions – when do mice sleep, when are they most active, and where do they sleep? Let’s find out.

Mice are nocturnal

Like all creatures, mice need sleep, but their sleeping patterns are not stable. Mice will sleep based on their environment. In some environments, the most danger is during the day, so they will be most active at night. In other environments, especially those with low light conditions, they will be active during the day, because they are protected from predators.

Mice also have very poor eyesight, so low light conditions do not really hamper them. They will rely on their other senses, such as the sense of smell and touch to find their way around a building.

Mice sleep close to their food

House mice have small territories that usually have a range between 10 and 30 feet, with the nest being at the center. The nest is built using materials that the mice find in this radius, and this is where they will also find all their food sources. In terms of nesting materials, they will use anything from the stuffing that they can find in toys, pillows or blankets, to insulation and other wiry materials.

Is there a mouse nest inside your home?

Mouse infestations are sometimes detected in the dead of night, when you’re trying to sleep, but small squeaking and scratching noises keep you up. These noises may be coming from mice traveling inside the home or inside the walls of the building. If you hear these noises, you might want to look for other signs of an infestation as well, signs such as droppings, gnaw marks, and smudge marks. These signs will usually be located in hidden, dark areas behind or under furniture, and inside cupboards.

What to do if there is a mouse infestation in your home

If you come across some of the tell-tale signs of a mouse infestation, you want to call over a pest control pro as quickly as possible. Mice can spread many diseases and they can reproduce very fast. A pro will be able to remove the infestation right away and leave no trace of these rodents in your home. Contact us today if you have a house mouse infestation that has to be removed.

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