How Pest Control Professionals Remove Black Widows

Black widows are one of the most dangerous spider species in the world. Not only do they have a very potent venom, they are also common in home infestations. Let’s take a look at how pest control professionals remove black widow infestations.


When you set an appointment for a spider control procedure, it will all start with the inspection. The inspection part of the process is essential, because it will allow the pro to identify the species responsible for the infestation and the location of its nests. Sometimes, black widows are misidentified, or there may be more than one spider/pest species present in the home. The inspection process will also inform the costs of the control procedure and help the pro plan out how to best implement the various control methods that will be used. After the inspection is finished, the pro will consult with you on the price and the various control options that you have at your disposal.


The control process has two main aims – to destroy any spiders and webs that are out in the open, and to set up a perimeter that will kill any spiders and nests that are hidden. For the first aim, insecticides and specialized equipment will be used, because black widows are very dangerous, and most bites occur when they are threatened. Once the visible spiders and webs have been removed, the pro will likely use residual insecticides in areas of the home that are frequented by black widows, areas such as the basement, the garage or the crawl spaces of the home.

Preventing future infestations

The inspection process will also help identify the causes of the black widow infestation. Oftentimes, infestations will start because the spiders have access to clutter in the building, especially in the garage. There may also be secondary insect infestations in the home, which serve as a food source for the black widows. These causes will be identified and removed during the control process. On top of that, residual insecticides also act as a barrier against future infestations, because they remain active after they have been applied. All these factors will come together to greatly lower the odds of future black widow infestations.

If you would like to know more about what the control process entails, or if you have a black widow spider infestation that needs to be removed, contact us today.


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