How To Prevent Wasps From Building Nests On Your Porch?

When the weather is pleasant, we all like to sit on our porch and enjoy some sunshine while taking in the beautiful view of spring flowers blooming. Unfortunately, wasps enjoy the same things as us.

Known for hibernating during winter and thriving during the warmer months, wasps can become quite a nuisance to homeowners. Summer, spring, and autumn are the ideal seasons where wasps can be seen flying around houses. Wasps build delicate yet, large nests and hence are always on the lookout for a strong surface on which they can build their nest. Roofs, eaves, and corners of porches are ideal locations for wasps to build their nests.

How Dangerous are Wasp Nests?

Having a wasp nest on your porch can be dangerous and troubling for you as a homeowner. However, a porch is one of the most favored locations for wasps to build and expand their nest. Wasps like to build their nests in areas where they can have easy access to indoors and outdoors. With their liking for high protein meat products and sugary food, they utilize porches as a gateway to spot and attack human food.

Tips To Prevent Wasp Nests On Your Porch

  1. Do not leave exposed food on your porch: If you have a meal on your porch, clean up right after you finish eating to ensure that there are no scraps or leftovers on the porch. Wasps can find themselves attracted towards such sources of food, in addition to being drawn towards pet food. It may be a good idea to feed your pets indoors unless your pet’s food bowl is clean and empty when left outside. Move your bird feeders from your porch to an open area in your yard so that the porch does not become a central source of food for wasps.
  2. Cover your garbage bags and cans: Wasps don’t just attack cooked and fresh food. They can relish food from waste bags and cans just as much as fresh food. Your garbage cans can become a focal point for wasps if you do not cover them completely. Do not leave bags of trash open, as the sight and smell of food from garbage bags can attract more wasps towards your porch.
  3. Grow wasp-repelling plants: Many plants are believed to act as a repellant for wasps and can be used to keep them away. The smells of certain plants such as basil, mint, and marigold can drive pests away with ease. This may be a better alternative to spraying chemical pesticides on your porch as they generally have an unpleasant odor. 
  4. Clean your porch regularly: Since your porch is exposed to a lot of natural elements such as rain, dust, and winds, it may accumulate waste without you realizing it. Small particles of sugar, pollen, or any food may not be visible to you but can be easily detected by a wasp. By regularly sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming your porch, you will be able to avoid attracting wasps and subsequent building of a nest.

Wrapping Up

Even with the best of precautions, you may find yourself in a situation where wasps have managed to build a nest on your porch. In such instances, you must tread delicately and call a professional pest control officer to assess and exterminate the wasps from your property. Trying to remove a wasp nest yourself can lead to the wasps getting agitated and attacking you, leading to severe stinging and pain.

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