Hundreds Of Thousands Of German Cockroaches Can Infest A Single Home, And Other Disturbing Roach-Related Facts

A variety of cockroach species are known to appear within Louisiana homes, including the one to two inch long American cockroach, the airborne Asian cockroach, and the indoor-dwelling German and brown-banded cockroaches. American cockroaches prefer to make themselves at home in large structures, such as restaurants, urban buildings, warehouses, and especially, sewer lines. Although American cockroaches usually infest buildings, it is not unheard of for specimens to travel up sewer pipes and enter homes through drains.

Asian cockroaches were recently introduced into the US, and since they were first discovered in Florida during the 1980s, they have expanded their distribution into most Gulf Coast states. There exists conflicting information concerning the pest status of Asian cockroaches in the US, as many reputable sources, including the LSU Ag Center website, claim that they are not pests of homes. However, many pest control professionals may disagree with this claim, as a nationwide survey of pest control operators revealed that the Asian cockroach was the seventh most commonly controlled cockroach species in the country during 2016. These roaches are capable flyers, and their attraction to electric light sources may explain why pest control professionals frequently address Asian cockroach pest issues in residential areas. Luckily, Asian cockroaches are easily controlled, as they have not evolved a resistance to insecticides due to their recent arrival in the country.

German cockroaches are easily the most commonly controlled cockroach pests of homes throughout the US, which is not surprising considering that they dwell solely indoors. While the brown-banded cockroach is also a domestic roach pest, they are becoming more scarce in the US for reasons that are not well understood by experts. Also, the German cockroach has been a pest in the US for centuries, while the brown-banded species was first discovered in the country early in the last century. According to Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association, German cockroaches are prolific breeders, and a single infestation in a residential home can consist of anywhere between 900 to hundreds of thousands of individual roaches. Considering New Orleans’ occasional status as the most roach-infested American city, just about every resident knows that infestations must be addressed quickly in order to avoid professional pest control intervention. While German cockroaches are especially difficult to eliminate from infested homes, insect growth regulators have proven to be an effective method of controlling the pests.

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