How The Vegetation Commonly Found Around Louisiana Homes Contributes To Indoor Spider And Centipede Issues

The common house centipede originates from Mexico, but this species has become well distributed throughout the United States. House centipedes are very common indoor pests, and they are able to reproduce within homes, which allows their indoor numbers to become substantial in some cases. Unlike a few other centipede species in the US, the house centipede does not generally bite humans, and infestations are regarded as being nothing more than a nuisance. However, house centipedes are difficult to eliminate and remove from houses due to their astonishingly fast movements, and their unpleasant appearance does not make them well tolerated within homes.

The presence of both house centipedes and spiders within a home is considered beneficial due to their habit of preying on insect pests. Naturally, houses that contain a large number of insects also tend to see a large number of spiders and house centipedes. Unfortunately, the ivy vines that grow on and around many Louisiana homes ultimately attract large numbers of insect pests, which in turn, attracts large numbers of house centipedes and spiders.

Ivy vines grow on homes where moisture content is high indoors and in the soil surrounding foundations. Ivy vines around windows, door frames, attic vents, and crawl spaces invite creepy-crawlies directly into homes. Since homes covered in ivy vines provide pests with an ideal environment, removing ivy vines will reduce the number of insects, arachnids and centipedes encountered indoors. In addition to ivy, thick layers of mulch, leaf litter and overgrown vegetation around foundations provide the perfect conditions for centipede development. Spiders and house centipedes thrive in dank basements, so removing vegetation or debris that may be blocking basement or crawl space vents will allow for better ventilation. If spider and house centipede issues persist despite making the above changes around a home, insecticide applications around the perimeter of a home can prevent pest intrusions.

Do you frequently find house centipedes within your home?

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