Insects Found Within Oregano Packets At A Popular Pizza Outlet Has Customer Grossed Out

Insects Found Within Oregano Packets At A Popular Pizza Outlet Has Customer Grossed Out

Have you ever ordered out only to find that your meal included a few insects? We have all heard of insect-contaminated foods that unsuspecting grocery shoppers have purchased. It is much less common to find that the pizza you ordered came with a free side of insects. Sure, it is possible that some chinese you ordered a while back contained a long strand of hair within your lo-mein. But how could insects wind up being coupled with a pizza delivery. Well, to be more precise, one fan of Domino’s Pizza found that a complementary oregano packet was full of tiny insects that could barely be discerned from the oregano itself. The man in question, Rahul Arora, took to Facebook in order to vent his anger shortly after discovering his hidden insect surprise. Needless to say, Mr. Arora is likely no longer a fan of the global pizza chain.

Mr. Arora also posted a video of the slowly moving insects within his oregano packet. Apparently, this video has made many stomachs turn. According to Arora, he purchased the pizza on a Friday night, but discovered the insects the following morning. We hope he did not accidently ingest gross insects, but his pizza could have probably used more protein anyway. This incident occurred at a Domino’s Pizza located in Delhi, India. Most, if not all Indian citizens are used to consuming bugs as a staple of their culture, so the particular insects he found contained within his oregano packet must have been particularly disgusting.

According to Arora, the oregano appeared normal at first glance, however, something seemed off. Once he poked the oregano flakes, he witnessed a bunch of tiny insects scatter. I think it is fair to say that these insects did not heighten his appetite. Perhaps Domino’s Pizza is changing their menu slowly to fit the cultural tastes of India. If this is the case, it is one ill-conceived public relations campaign.

Have you ever found insects in your condiment packets? Have you ever found insects within food that you ordered at a restaraunt? If you have, do you know what type of insect you found?


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