The Insects That May Be Good For Your Garden

The Insects That May Be Good For Your Garden

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If gardening is your hobby or profession then you probably have a love hate relationship with the bugs in your garden. Little do many people know, but most of the insects that you find in your garden are actually beneficial to your garden. Only a few different insects can cause harm to your plants, whether they are ornamental plants or plants you are growing for food.

If you do find unwanted bugs in your garden then wait a few days before using the insecticide in order to see if the undesirable bugs were killed by predators. Also, you may not want to destroy some of your more beneficial bugs in the process.

One bug that people often see stooped on a leaf is the ladybug. These bugs are well known amongst most gardeners for being so effective at killing unwanted garden pests. Some of the garden pests that this bug consumes include aphids, thrips, whiteflies, scale insects, mites and mealy-bugs. I am sure that you are already familiar with the ladybug’s classic appearance, but the ladybug’s larvae is also important to keep an eye on since the larvae also work to kill the pests in your garden. According to those that have seen ladybug larvae, the larva resembles a tiny black and red alligator. Well, good luck missing that in your garden.

Lacewings are also interesting creatures that kill their enemies in an unusual way. Lacewing larvae will eat many different soft bodied insects in your garden, such as aphids, thrips and mites. These insects can also consume entire moth eggs. When the lacewing larvae attack its prey the larvae lunge at its enemy and impale the future lacewing meal with its sharp front mandible. The insect then injects its prey with corrosive enzymes that liquefy it in order for it to be sucked up again by the hungry lacewing larvae.

Have you ever spotted an insect killing an enemy with its enzymes?


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