Insulation And Termite Control Considerations

There are several considerations that you have to take into account when you insulate, modify or close your crawlspace area in relation to termite control. Since termites will attack the home through the ground, it’s best to have a conversation with a pest control specialist before you install insulation in that area of the home. Here is what you need to know:

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Spraying the crawlspace soil and wooden structures

If you have an ongoing pest control contract that has a warranty, you will have to contact the company before going ahead with the project, in order to avoid the cancelation of the contract. Insulation may add extra padding to the crawlspace that could come into contact with the ground, giving termites the routes they need to reach untreated wood. As such, before any insulation is installed, the wood and ground need to be treated with pesticides.

The inspection gap

In order to perform termite inspections, a pest control company will need access to the foundation walls and piers. This means that when installing the insulation, the contractor should leave enough of the foundation wall exposed – about one or two feet.

The insulation itself

In terms of insulation material, standard fiberglass batt and closed-cell foam insulation can both be used. Open cell foam can hold water due to its structure if it is exposed to condensation and moisture. This water will then damage the wood, making it more attractive to termites.

Insulation in various hotspots

There are various spaces around the home which are usually insulated by homeowners. These spaces include the sills and subfloors of porches, decks, fireplace chases, and plumbing penetration. However, these areas are more prone to plumbing leaks and moisture intrusion, which create conditions favorable to termite infestations. The best way to insulate these areas, while following termite control best practices, is to use batts which can be removed for termite inspections.


Another way that you can avoid excess moisture and the subsequent wood damage that accompanies it is to use a dehumidifier that is designed for crawlspaces. You can also hire a contractor that will redirect some of the air conditioning capabilities of your HVAC system into the crawlspaces.

Protecting yourself against termites

If you plan to install insulation in your crawlspace, your best bet is to follow termite control best practices in order to avoid an infestation. If you have any questions about what this could entail, or if you want to termite-proof your home, contact us today.

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