Could Invasive Termites Be Controlled If We Simply Ate All Of Them?

Could Invasive Termites Be Controlled If We Simply Ate All Of Them?

Invasive insects are problematic for crops located in all regions of the world. So how can these insect pests be controlled? Chemical insecticides? Genetically created diseases? One single solution to this problem is not easy to pin down. Some of these non-native pests are killed by an abundance of predators immediately upon arriving within a foreign environment. But other invasive insect species are free to proliferate and wreak havoc in particular regions where their populations are not hindered by natural predators. Today we live in a world where edible insects are becoming trendy. So, perhaps humans can serve as the natural predators of invasive insects by eating them in mass. Some of you may have considered this idea, but nevertheless dismissed it as ridiculous and not feasible. But some experts think that eradicating insects by making them into edible meals is not so ridiculous.

Every year respected journalists flock to New Orleans in order to attend the Society of Environmental Journalists conference. These conferences are attended by individuals who take the problem of invasive pest management very seriously. Not long ago one of these conferences was held in a popular New Orleans eatery named Ye Olde College Inn. New Orleans struggles with one of the most damaging invasive insect pests in the United States–Formosan subterranean termites. This is probably why renowned chef, Johnny Blancher, served Formosan termites as edibles to the conference guests.

The residents of New Orleans are well aware of the Formosan termite presence, as some experts blamed the termites for causing structural damage to floodwalls during Hurricane Katrina. According to Blanchard, the termites were taken from a resident who monitors the health of oak trees for a living in service of New Orleans. The man brought two bucket-fulls of Formosan termites to Blanchard’s kitchen. Blanchard then froze the termites in order to ensure that they remain crunchy for the pleasure of the guests. The termites were eventually sprinkled onto a peach cobbler. Apparently, the rich aroma of peaches kept the scent of cooked termites from distracting the guests while they ate Blanchard’s tasty dessert. The “crunchy” meal was reportedly well liked by the guests.

Do you feel more comfortable eating insects as opposed to spiders?


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