Keep Ants Out of Your Home with These Tips

It’s almost Spring and summertime and that means ant season is practically upon us. No one wants to deal with an ant infestation in their home, so here are a few tips for keeping ants out and how J&J Exterminating can help.

Seal Up Cracks

The first step to keeping ants out of your home is to seal up any cracks or crevices around the perimeter of your house. This will keep them from entering through the walls or windows. Make sure you pay special attention to areas where utilities enter or exit the home, as this is a common entry point for ants. If you’re not sure what needs to be sealed, contact a professional pest control company like J&J Exterminating for an inspection.

Remove Food Sources

Ants are attracted to food sources, so make sure you clean up any crumbs or spills right away. Keep all food stored in airtight containers and wipe down countertops and floors regularly. You should also keep trash cans lidded and empty them on a regular basis to prevent odors that might attract ants. If you have pets, clean up their dishes as soon as they’re done eating and store pet food in air-tight containers away from prying insects.

Keep Moisture Away

Ants love moisture, so it is important to identify any areas of your home that may be prone to moisture buildup such as leaky pipes or faucets, condensation from air conditioners, etc., and repair them as soon as possible. Additionally, make sure gutters are clear of debris so water can flow freely away from the foundation of your house—this will help reduce moisture buildup around the foundation which could attract ants into your home.

If you’ve tried all these tips but still have an ant problem in your home, it might be time to call in a professional exterminator like J&J Exterminating. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property and develop a customized plan tailored specifically for eliminating ant intrusions in your home once and for all! Arm yourself with knowledge by utilizing these tips and calling J&J Exterminating if needed – together we can keep those pesky ants outside where they belong!

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