The Most To Least Destructive Drywood Termite Species In Louisiana

Kalotermes approximatus is a very common termite pest species found in the southeastern US. This native species is commonly known as the “dark southern drywood termite,” and as the “dark southeastern drywood termite.” The dark southern drywood termite is most abundant along the Gulf Coast and its distribution extends from Texas to North Carolina, but this species is particularly destructive in Houston, New Orleans, Mobile and Miami. The dark southern drywood termite is often compared to the light southern drywood termite (I. snyderi) in terms of pest behavior, but the latter is largely recognized as being a more common pest of homes than the former. According to a 2002 scientific survey of termite colonies throughout residential areas of Louisiana, the light southern drywood termite is a more common pest of homes than the dark southern drywood termite, but the latter infests homes throughout the entire state, while the former is largely limited to homes in the southern half of the state. The two most economically significant drywood termite pest species in Louisiana are light southern drywood termites and invasive powderpost termites (C. brevis).

The western drywood termite (I. minor) is native to the southwest US where it is the most destructive drywood termite species in the region. This species was introduced into Louisiana around two to three decades ago, and since then, the western drywood termite has been responsible for a growing number of structural infestations in the state. The researchers who carried out the above mentioned 2002 termite survey in Louisiana were surprised to find that western drywood termite colonies outnumbered those of the native dark southern drywood termite. Seasonal mating swarms of western drywood termites emerge during the day from April to June in Louisiana, but swarms often emerge within infested structures during the winter season. The dark southern drywood termite swarms during the spring and early summer, and to a lesser extent during the fall. Powderpost and light southern drywood termites are known for swarming as early as spring and as late as fall.

Has a swarm of drywood termites ever emerged within your home, or on your property?




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