Looking For Termites Droppings Could Save Your Home

Looking For Termites Droppings Could Save Your HomeTermite Experts

You may think that you are already able to clearly identify termite excrement, but properly identifying termite droppings is not as easy as you may think. Obviously, termites are extremely small, therefore termite droppings are absolutely minute. This makes termite droppings very hard to spot, and this is why most termite infestations go unnoticed by homeowners until large mounds of droppings have accumulated in certain areas in, and around, a house. Infestations can last several months, or even years, before their dropping become visible. This is why learning how to spot termite droppings at the start of an infestation is essential if a home is to be saved from a termite infestation.

Not only are termites hard to notice on account of their size, but termites also remain out of human sight because they eat their way deep into wooden objects, hiding themselves from the outside world. Most of the time the only way to tell if termites are infesting a home is to search your home for their droppings. Termite droppings can be found on windowsills, around the borders of wooden patios, basements, crawlspaces, or in rooms that are rarely used by residents. Drywood termites are often active in between the floors of a house, and sometimes a termite nests can be knocked down into any rooms that are below the nest.

Termite dropping are similar in appearance to sawdust, and it is not uncommon for people to mistake termite droppings for sawdust. However, if you inspect the droppings closely enough, then you will notice that termite droppings are distinct for their six sided and granular looking appearance. Sawdust, on the other hand, does not look anything like termite pellets when viewed up-close. In order to properly identify termite droppings, a magnifying glass is often a necessity. Although inspecting insect droppings with a magnifying glass is probably not how you want to spend your free time, it is nevertheless an important first step to ridding your home of these destructive insects.

Now that you know what termite droppings look like, do you believe that you have spotted termite droppings in the past?

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