Louisiana Love Bugs Often Infest Cars Where They Have Been Known To Inflict Considerable And Costly Damages

If you ask someone living in the northern United States what a love bug is, the individual will probably give you a puzzled look before quizzically describing a sentient Volkswagen that starred in a string of live action Disney films. However, if you ask a native of the southeast the same question, you will likely be presented with an exasperated description of what the individual believes to be one of the most annoying insect pests on the planet.

Although discussing the cinematic merits of Disney’s Love Bug films would make for a spirited and interesting discussion, in this case, the southeastern individual’s answer hit the nail on the head. Love bugs are flying insects that dwell within Central America and the southeast US. Love bugs are particularly notable within the state of Louisiana where their swarms are widely perceived as being a public nuisance. In addition to this insect’s dreaded swarming behavior, numerous love bugs often make their way into homes where their presence can quickly become an issue. Luckily, these insects are not considered destructive pests to habitable structures. Unfortunately, for Louisiana drivers, love bugs can, in fact, inflict damage to vehicles. But this does not necessarily mean that love bug behavior is destructive.

While love bug adults live only for a short time, they reproduce in massive quantities, making their swarms overwhelming. Due to these thick swarms, drivers cannot avoid striking numerous love bugs with their vehicles during the insect’s biannual swarming periods. Considering the highly acidic gut contents of a love bug, merely striking one at high speeds can cause the paint on your vehicle to corrode. If love bug guts are not promptly cleaned off of a vehicle, their acidic fatty tissue can even corrode a vehicle’s finish, and exposure to the sun accelerates this corrosion. Even worse, striking love bugs with a vehicle can clog radiator fins, which can then block airflow, causing vehicles to overheat. Love bugs are often abundant wherever vehicles are located, as the insects are attracted to both exhaust fumes and the vibrations produced by engines. Experts suggest washing vehicles at least once a week during love bug swarming season in order to prevent damage.

Have you ever noticed that striking flying insects with your car is a more frequent occurrence in some regions than it is in others?

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