Make Pest-Proofing a Priority in the New Year

When compiling your New Year’s resolutions this January,  J&J Exterminating, in partnership with the National Pest Management Association, recommends adding pest-proofing the home to the top of your list. Although pests might not be the first thing that comes to mind when making resolutions, ensuring your home is ready for winter can save you a lot of money, and stress, over the course of the year.   

While the types of pests you might see around your home vary by season, there are always critters close by looking for food and shelter. Many homeowners don’t think about infestations until one has taken hold, when in reality, there are a few easy steps they can take to properly secure their home from pests all year long.

To help keep your family protected from pests like cockroaches and rodents this J&J Exterminating recommends adding the following activities to your list of New Year resolutions:

  • Store holiday decorations properly: Opt for plastic containers with tight-fitting lids to keep pests from infesting decor while in storage.
  • Keep your kitchen clean: Wipe down counters after cooking to clear them of crumbs and food debris. Dispose of garbage regularly and store food in airtight containers to prevent pest entry. 
  • Seal gaps in windows and doors: Install door sweeps and seal any gaps on exterior doors. Be sure to also seal any cracks and crevices on the outside of the home, including areas where utilities and pipes enter.
  • Properly store firewood: Keep it at least 20 feet away from the home and five feet off of the ground to avoid attracting pests.
  • Manicure your yard: Remove any dead bushes, branches and fallen leaves from the yard that could act as shelter for rodents, ticks and other pests.
  • Eliminate moisture build-up: Repair leaking faucets or pipes and divert water away from the house with functioning downspouts and gutters to eliminate moisture, as this can attract pests.

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