Man’s Artwork Is Meant To Inspire Good Relations Between Humans And Insects

Man’s Artwork Is Meant To Inspire Good Relations Between Humans And Insects

Artwork is often meant to inspire, but sometimes certain are projects come off as downright strange. For example, many people in the world consider the scene of a toilet lying sideways to be an example of great classic art. It seems like we have all met that art school student who calls fingerpainting a profound form of human expression. The world is full of these “artists”. However, sometimes artists can create something that is strange, but also thought provoking and meaningful. Sometimes it is not the art itself that should be judged, but instead the message that art expresses. One particular artist, Brandon Ballengée, creates works of art that are meant to inspire positive interactions between humans and insects. For Brandon, insects are an essential part of the ecosystem that should be respected.

One year ago, Brandon showcased his unique creations for the public in the city of Laramie, Wyoming. The art exhibit showed ultraviolet light fixtures being reflected off of a canvass sculpted to resemble a butterfly. The bright light was intended to attract nocturnal insects to the exhibit so that visitors could become familiar with the multitude of different insects that are active during the nighttime hours. Brandon called his art exhibit “Love Motels for Insects.” The title was also accompanied by a subtitle that read “Laramie Railroad Depot Variation and Pollinator Garden.”

Brandon is not just an artist, as he also possesses academic credentials as a biologist. Brandon is also an environmental activist who calls New York City home. While in Laramie, Brandon has also constructed a pollinator garden that sat next to his exhibit. Brandon’s artwork is only made possible by his research in the field of ecology. Most of his artwork is transdisciplinary, which lends Brandon some legitimacy as an expert on insects and other organisms.

Would you be interested in viewing Brandon’s art exhibits? Do you believe Brandon’s art changes some people’s attitudes toward insects?






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