A Man’s Home Is Being Overrun With Rats That Originated From His Next Door Neighbor’s Abandoned House

Everyone has experienced a difficult neighbor or two in the past, but one man living in Louisiana is being driven crazy by all of the rats flooding into his home from his neighbor’s rat-infested house. Homeowner Dwayne Scott of Ascension Parish has been struggling for the past year to keep his home free of rats. Not only are the rats on Scott’s property coming from his neighbor’s home, but his neighbor decided to leave his home and the surrounding property littered with mounds of garbage before he decided to abandon the property a year ago. Not surprisingly, this garbage is attracting massive amounts of rats, and they must be out of edible garbage because they are rushing into Scott’s home at a near constant rate. In an act of desperation, Scott requested that the local government clean the trash from his neighbor’s property, but Scott’s requests were ignored. In response to being ignored, Scott contacted a local news station in order to share his story with reporters. Luckily, this move may have prompted local government leaders into finding a solution to Scott’s dilemma.

Before asking local government leaders for help resolving his problem, Scott personally asked his next door neighbor to remove the garbage due to the rats gravitating toward his house. However, Scott’s neighbor clearly had no intention on cleaning his property, as he abandoned the house not long after Scott requested he clean his property. At the moment, the trash on his neighbor’s porch and surrounding property is piled knee high. At one point, local government leaders sent Scott’s neighbor a notice demanding that he remove all the trash from his yard and home, but the neighbor never responded, and the rat infestation within Scott’s home became worse. According to city council members, Scott’s neighbor is only in violation of the law if his property contains appliances or unregistered vehicles. Apparently, the council is now considering legal action against the neighbor, but a judge will have to force the neighbor to remove all trash if he is in violation of city ordinance.

Have you ever experienced an animal infestation that originated from a neighbor’s property?


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