Which Methods Are Most Effective For Long-Term Ant Control Within And Around Homes?

The first step in ant control involves collecting specimens for the purpose of identifying the species. Ant control methods differ significantly depending on the species targeted for elimination. For example, some ant species like odorous house ants and little black ants are well controlled with sweet baits, while Pharaoh ants are dark rover ants cannot be effectively controlled unless sweet baits or baits containing insect growth regulators are strategically placed in specific indoor and outdoor locations. When controlling these insects it is also necessary to use baits in conjunction with additional control measures including sticky traps for monitoring and insecticide dusts for eliminating nests in wall voids. Only those who have received proper training know how many and which type of bait stations are necessary and where to place them in order to achieve optimal results.

Ants that live in large colonies can become tremendously numerous around homes, and in these situations, repeat infestations are the norm. Modern pest control professionals practice integrated pest management, which is an approach to pest control that stresses infestation prevention and only makes use of insecticides as a last resort. When it comes to heavy and/or repeat ant infestations, applying an insecticide barrier around the perimeter of a home is sometimes necessary. Barrier treatments are commonly used to prevent infestations by Argentine ants, Pharaoh ants, Dark rover ants and occasionally carpenter ants.

Long term ant control always requires a combination of methods and patience, as the most effective ant control method, baits, can take weeks to substantially reduce ants within heavily infested homes. Homeowners can avoid ant infestations in several ways, such as eliminating accessible food sources, sealing entry points on the exterior walls of homes, and by modifying yard landscapes to be less conducive to ant pest activity. In addition to keeping stored foods in tightly sealed containers, kitchens should be regularly sanitized to keep food from gathering beneath appliances, and moisture should be well controlled. Preventing vegetation overgrowth around foundations and keeping shrubs trimmed will reduce moisture levels around the ground level, basement or crawl space of a home where ants can gain easy access indoors.

Do you notice an increase in insect sightings when you don’t maintain a well groomed yard landscape?

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