Mysterious ‘Fairy Circles’ May Be Caused By Termites | Termite Inspection

Mysterious ‘Fairy Circles’ May Be Caused By Termites | Termite Inspection Termite Inspection

This planet is full of mysteries. For example, curious minds have long wondered how the ancient Egyptian pyramids were constructed; or, how the large statues on Easter Island were positioned the way that they are today. Another mystery that has stumped even the cleverest of scientists is the mystery of “fairy circles.” Fairy circles are repeating patches of dirt that look like precise geometric forms when viewed from above. Although the precise cause of these patterns is unknown, many scientists believe that termites are responsible.

There is more than one theory regarding the cause of these land-designs. One popular theory says that these designs were formed naturally by water-starved vegetation. These land-designs are typically found in Africa, but recently they have been found in Australia as well. This has prompted further study into the cause of these unusual land-designs.

Ecologist Fiona Walsh is convinced that termites are the cause of these “fairy circles”. Walsh, and her colleagues, travelled to four different locations where these land-designs were present. The research team dug into the middle of the designs and found clear evidence of termite activity. The team found intricate tunnels beneath the designs that were made by termites. Despite the fact that no termites were found within the tunnels, Walsh’s research team remains certain that the land-designs or “fairy circles” were created by termites. The researchers believe that some of these tunnels have been abandoned for decades. The tunnels have been hardened by heavy termite activity, making it possible for these land-designs to remain untouched on the ground for extraordinarily long periods of time.

Walsh emphasized how useful local knowledge can be when it comes to understanding natural land-formations. Walsh noted that the native Australian population has long claimed that the designs were made by termites. I guess the aboriginal population of Australia can teach modern scientists a thing or two about the natural earth.

Do you believe that Walsh’s researchers have enough evidence to suggest that the designs were formed by termite activity?


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