New Animatronic Insect Exhibit Is The Most Massive Yet

New Animatronic Insect Exhibit Is The Most Massive Yet

There are numerous entomology museums in the world, and if you are a bug-lover, you would certainly enjoy attending each one. Most entomology museums may be boring to people who do not count themselves as insect enthusiasts, but many of these museums possess a plethora of preserved insect species, some of which have not yet been officially described by scientists. So, unless you enjoy studying insects right down to the smallest details, entomology museums may not be your thing…except for one, that is. At the moment a very interesting exhibit is being staged at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University. Not only are there hundreds of live insects to look at, most of which you will never see in the wild, but the museum is even showing off their robotic insect collection.

The first thing you will see upon entering the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University will probably be the twelve foot long Madagascar hissing cockroach. Although these roaches are native to……well, Madagascar, these types of roaches are raised and sold as popular pets within the United States. However, for the few people who do not find the idea of keeping a pet roach appealing, the museum’s enormous animatronic recreation of the roach will likely serve as your only exposure to these insects.

For those of you who used to visit the children’s restaurant known as Chuck E. Cheese’s as kids, the animatronic insects at the museum may remind you of a more horrifying, but interesting version of the robotic band of puppets that play music in the restaurant. The robotic hissing cockroach is actually only one of twenty animatronic insects that are being shown at the exhibit. The exhibit is being called Xtreme Bugs, and it opens to the public on Memorial Day and closes January 21st of 2019.

Would you be willing to attend the Xtreme Bugs exhibit? Or would the excessively enlarged insects frighten you?


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