A Non-Profit Group Cleared Bed Bugs Out Of A 92 Year Old WWII Veteran’s Home

A Non-Profit Group Cleared Bed Bugs Out Of A 92 Year Old WWII Veteran’s Home

Having bed bugs can be worse for some victims than others. Those who are able to pay for pest control services may be grateful to see a relatively quick solution to their bed bug problem. Sadly, not everyone is able to afford pest control services. Other times people need to wait until they are paid until a bed bug infestation can be dealt with. This can mean many sleepless nights on a carpet. Luckily, many people are able to resolve bed bug infestations when they occur, but senior citizens happen to be one group of people that cannot always handle and pay for bed bug treatments on their own. Happily for one ninety two year old World War Two veteran, a charitable group focusing on bed bug related issues had the bloodsucking bugs eradicated from his home for free.

A charity group that typically works with schools in order to assist children who are living in bed bug infested homes has decided to reach out to a different type of bed bug victim. A few members of the Kern family had been living with their elderly grandfather in order to assist him with various tasks. A couple of years back, the Kern family learned that their home was infested with bed bugs, and they were especially bothersome to their grandfather. After Pamela Kerns called the bed bug charity group they agreed to help her grandfather eradicate the bed bug presence within his home.

The Kern family was forced to endure a bed bug infestation for two years before the charity group was notified about their problem. The family was becoming stressed due to not being able to have guests over to their home. The last thing the family wanted to do was curse another person with a bed bug infestation. Eventually, the charity group had the home heat-treated, and now there are no bed bugs left, and the ninety two year old veteran and his family can sleep in peace.

Do you think that pest infestations will become commonplace enough in the future to warrant government assistance with pest control professionals?


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