Numerous LA Residents Become Suspicious After Finding Bed Bugs In Library Books

Numerous LA Residents Become Suspicious After Finding Bed Bugs In Library Books

You don’t need to watch the news or read the newspaper to know that bed bugs are a constant menace to humans. Bed bugs have recently been reported in several Los Angeles libraries, but this is no big deal because bed bugs have been spotted in libraries all over America, right? While it is true that bed bugs are often spotted within libraries, most library systems don’t make efforts to hide their bed bug infestations from the public. Unfortunately, a news station based in Los Angeles has uncovered evidence indicating that library officials in LA have made numerous attempts to hide bed bug infestations from the public.

A local news station based in Los Angeles investigated a string of crimes that were committed at several library branches in the LA area. During the team’s investigation, it was found that LA libraries had dealt with more than eighty separate bed bug infestations at several different branches since 2014. The news team obtained documents confirming this information. Many LA residents have even reported checking out books only to later find bed bugs falling out of them. The news channel interviewed one woman who found several bed bugs between the pages of a book that she had checked-out from an LA library. Surprisingly, bed bugs gravitate toward books, but not because they have curious minds; instead bed bugs find that a book’s spine, and even the pages, make for ideal egg-laying areas. Even the American Library Association’s website mentions that one single female can lay up to one hundred and twenty thousand offspring in just a six month period. At this rate, the bed bug infestations in LA libraries may already be out of hand.

According to one longtime LA-based librarian who wished to remain anonymous, bed bugs are found frequently in books and other locations within local libraries, but all library staff are ordered not to mention such bed bug sightings to the public. Bed bugs may be common in libraries due to homeless individuals bringing bed bug-infested blankets and clothes into libraries. Bed bugs have become such a big problem in libraries around the United States that some cities have resorted to extreme prevention measures. For example libraries in Wichita, Kansas and Long Island, New York regularly bring bed bug-sniffing dogs into libraries during the daytime hours in order to locate infestations.

Do you think that library officials have a responsibility to publicly announce when bed bugs are found on library grounds?

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