Are People Lightening Up To Eating Bugs? | J & J Exterminating

Are People Lightening Up To Eating Bugs? | J & J ExterminatingJ&J Exterminating Pest Control and Termite Service Baton Rouge

Many of you still have not tried eating insects yet, but there is plenty of time. From the perspective of many Americans the world of insect eating was introduced to Americans with a shocking immediacy. Most Americans are still just trying to digest the idea of eating an insect, never mind actually digesting an insect. Although most Americans have not yet embraced insects as a healthy food option, many Americans are curious about how bugs are prepared, and how they taste. Are Americans as grossed our as ever at the idea of swallowing crickets? Or are their signs among the public that show that insects are slowly creeping onto our dinner plates? And why go to an edible-insect restaurant if one cannot stand the thought of eating bugs?

One owner of an edible-insect company who goes by the name of Skye Blackburn says that the public attitude about eating insects is largely split down the middle. There is one group of people that will visit the restaurant that Skye owns solely to know what insects look like on a dinner plate. However, according to Skye, these types of people don’t usually stay for a meal. In fact, many of his customers are not even willing to taste the insects, but are nevertheless amazed to see them handled by professional chefs.

There is a second group of people that like to visit edible-insect restaurants. What makes the second group different from the first is that the second group is willing to at least taste and swallows an insect. Also, most people who are willing to taste insects typically like the way that insects taste. Some of the folks in the second group are still a little too shy to eat a bug, but at least they want to learn more about edible-insects with the hopes that one day they will develop a taste for them. Blackburn, and many chefs agree that the world in its entirely will one day embrace insects as food.

Have you ever visited an edible-insect restaurant? If you have, did you try any bugs?

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