Why Are Phorid Fly Infestations So Common Within Louisiana Homes? And How You Can Prevent Them

Since flies are abundant and ubiquitous in all regions of the world, it is not surprising to learn that homes and buildings often become infested with a wide variety of fly species. The word “fly” is contained within the common names of many insect groups, like a “butterfly”. But the flies that you have come to know and hate, such as house flies and fruit flies, possess a pair of functional wings for going airborne, and a pair of vestigial wings that are used for balance-control. This large group of fly species are aptly named “true flies”, and they belong to the Diptera order, which also includes midges and mosquitoes.

Diptera flies possess a syringe-like mouthpart that is designed for puncturing skin in order to suck blood from other organisms. Their reliance of blood meals for nourishment makes many Diptera fly species disease-vectors, and their massive population makes them a nuisance in homes all over the world. Most Diptera fly populations thrive within hot and humid environments, making the state of Louisiana home to numerous fly species. One of the most troublesome fly pests in Louisiana is the phorid fly, also known as the “coffin fly” due to its macabre habit of invading sealed coffins to secure a blood meal.

These flies proliferate rapidly and they can reproduce in unusually small water sources, such as a sips-worth of fluid in a coke can. These flies gain access to even the most thoroughly sealed homes through a variety of obscure access points, and they usually swarm New Orleans and other cities in the state in massive number at least once each summer.

Louisiana residents who find themselves with a phorid fly infestation are often in disbelief about the insect’s ability to slip into homes through tiny cracks and crevices along a home’s exterior. However, phorid flies can also infest homes through drains and they are often found gathered in garbage disposals. Unfortunately, phorid fly infestations within homes are difficult to eradicate in Louisiana because the ideal climatic conditions during summers in the state allow these insects to develop from an egg into an adult within a remarkably fast two weeks. This rapid reproduction rate makes the insects a nearly impossible household pest to eradicate without professional assistance.

Have you ever been surprised to find that a large group of flies had accessed a particular area of your home?



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