A Popular Beach Facility Will Be Demolished Due To A Widespread Termite Infestation

A Popular Beach Facility Will Be Demolished Due To A Widespread Termite InfestationFormosan Termites

For several months officials with the state of Florida as well as the National Park Service have been focusing on how to handle a large scale termite infestation in a popular pavilion that is located on a stretch of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. The Gulf Islands National Seashore (GINS) is an area of federally protected land along Florida’s coast. This area contains Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key, and it is one of the most visited of all tourist destinations within Florida. Several different surveys have named the GINS the best beach in the state of Florida, and even the best beach on the east coast. Due to the popularity of the federally protected beach, officials have been reluctant to tear down a termite-infested Pavilion located on the beach. Sadly, officials recently decided that the Star Pavilion must be demolished due to the widespread termite infestation.

Some people may find it hard to believe that termites can cause serious infestations in structures that are located on beaches. However, the Gulf Islands National Seashore is unique for the diversity of marine and terrestrial lifeforms that inhabit the region. The seashore is federally protected in order to preserve this diversity. Unfortunately, aggressive termite species also make up a part of the seashore’s diverse animal life.

The Star Pavilion has been closed to the public for the past several months due to structural problems caused by termites. During this time, the National Park Service explored various solutions to the termite problem facing the pavilion, but it has recently been decided that demolition is the best option. Despite the popularity of the Star Pavilion, there still exists two larger pavilions nearby. Also, repairing the Star Pavilion would ultimately be “cost prohibitive”. Once the pavilion is removed, a parking lot will take its place. The Star pavilion was constructed in 2006 after hurricanes destroyed the previous pavilion.

Did you know that termites commonly infest structures that are located on beaches?





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