How To Prevent Indoor Fungus Gnat And Phorid Fly Infestations During The Fall Season

Several insect pest species are well known for becoming particularly problematic within and around Louisiana homes during the fall and winter seasons. Some of these insect pests include Asian lady beetles, assassin bugs, and stink bugs, including the invasive brown marmorated stink bug species. Many insect pests invade homes during the fall season in order to secure warm conditions before the arrival of the winter season. Fall pests tend to congregate in large numbers on the roof and exterior walls of homes where they squeeze beneath shingles, and in between narrow cracks and crevices which may lead to inaccessible indoor areas, such as wall voids, subfloors and tight attic spaces. Given their habit of congregating on and within homes in large numbers, most fall pests in Louisiana are hard to miss. However, fungus gnats and phorid flies are two common, yet frequently overlooked or misidentified pests that become problematic for Louisiana homeowners during the fall season.

Fungus gnats dwell naturally in moist soil, making them common nuisance pests in residential gardens and on irrigated lawns during the spring and summer. It is not uncommon for fungus gnats to become abundant within homes during the fall and winter, and in many infestation cases, these pests are unknowingly transported indoors by residents. Considering their small size and habit of dwelling within moist soil, residents may not always notice a fungus gnat presence on their outdoor potted plants, which can become a problem when potted plants are brought indoors for the winter. Applying insecticides containing permethrin to all potted plants before bringing them indoors can prevent indoor fungus gnat issues during the fall and winter. Maintaining sanitary indoor floors and keeping concrete slabs in residential driveways and around patios will help to prevent large numbers of phorid flies from breeding within pavement cracks, crevices and narrow spaces between wood floorboards. Unfortunately, phorid flies can still manage to proliferate even on the cleanest indoor and outdoor floors, as these pests feed and breed on rotting food particles that fall in between narrow spaces in furnished floors and pavement cracks. This is why it is important to soak up water and cleaning products that seep into these narrow spaces, as doing so will remove decaying food matter that phorid flies rely on for their survival and reproduction.

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