How To Remove Spiders From Your Garden

Even though spiders are able to eat disease-spreading insects and wasps, we don’t really want to have them around the home or in our gardens. Spiders can also be dangerous, so that’s one extra reason to get rid of them, especially if you have small children. Let’s talk about how to get rid of the spiders in your garden.

Tools and Materials

  • Peppermint/lemon/eucalyptus essential oil or any chemical insecticides
  • A spray bottle
  • Dish soap
  • A cobweb duster
  1. Protective clothing is essential

While not all spiders can be dangerous, you still have to worry about black widows and brown recluses. Make sure you have your protective gear ready that will cover all your exposed skin. This means that you want gloves, boots, and something to cover your face and eyes.

  1. Remove the spider webs

You want to start by removing spider webs. Not only do these webs look bad, they are also the main way in which spiders get their food, and you may destroy some egg sacks during the removal process.

  1. Get rid of their food sources

Spiders feed on other insects, so if you remove the presence of these insects, by getting rid of their food sources, you also remove a big incentive for spiders to be present in your garden. Make sure that you get rid of any fallen/rotting fruits and that your garbage containers are sealed.

  1. You can use a shop-bought insecticide or natural repellents to get rid of the spiders

When it comes to removing the spiders themselves, you can use commercial products, or make your own repellents. If you choose to go with the latter option, here is what you need in terms of ingredients:

  • 5-10 drops of a spider-repellent essential oil of your choice (eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, etc.)
  • 1/4 teaspoon dish soap
  • 360ml water (preferably distilled)

Mix all the ingredients together in a spray bottle. Shake the solution for about a minute. Spray the repellent around the perimeter of the garden and in areas that you have had to remove a lot of spiderwebs. You can also spray the repellent around your windows and doors to prevent spiders from entering the home.

  1. Repeat the process as needed

These steps may need to be repeated 2-3 times if you have a serious spider problem in your garden.

However, if the spider presence in your garden is too large, you will need the help of a pro to completely remove it. Contact us today for spider control services.

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