Researchers Find That The Bugs In Your Home Are Dwelling Closer To You Than You May Think

Who has not found an arthropod pest, like cockroaches, spiders or centipedes, within their home at some point? No matter which part of the country a person calls home, arthropod pests are ubiquitous within all indoor locations, particularly residential houses. Most arthropod pests, such as termites, stink bugs, house centipedes, and ants, just to name a few, are able to enter homes through tiny cracks in foundation walls, and many flying pests are able to access homes in large numbers through the smallest holes in damaged window screens. Not only are all homes filled with countless bugs, but a startling diversity of arthropod species constantly dwell within seemingly pest-free homes as well. While pest problems are particularly frequent in unsanitary homes where garbage and food waste has collected, research shows that the most immaculate homes actually contain the greatest number and diversity of arthropod species. Research has also revealed the particular areas within homes where the greatest diversity of arthropod species secretly dwell. Unfortunately, most of the insects within a home dwell within close range of humans.

Unsurprisingly, arthropods prefer bottom floors, basements and cellars, as most arthropods thrive within the relatively moist conditions in these locations. Arthropods are also likely to enter homes through foundation cracks that lead to bottom floors and basements where most bugs cannot travel up stairways to access higher levels. It should not be surprising to learn that arthropods are particularly abundant in rooms with windows and doors leading outside. The most commonly found indoor arthropods dwell within the rooms that are inhabited by humans most often, while arthropod communities in basements are distinct from arthropods found in all other areas of a house. Centipedes, millipedes, cellar spiders, and crickets are often found only in basements and bottom floors, while most spiders, book lice, midges, flies, mosquitoes, ants, carpet beetles, gnats, cockroaches, stink bugs, and boxelder bugs are found in living rooms and upper story bedrooms. Attic spaces contain the smallest number of arthropod species, but several species can still be found in attics. For example, drywood termites and aerial Formosan subterranean termite colonies often enter attic spaces. This is why attics are searched thoroughly during professional pest control inspections.

Do you encounter arthropods in the basement more often than the ground floor?



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