Seeing Flying Termites In Your Home

When we think of flying insects, we don’t normally think of termites, but there is a caste within each termite colony which is composed of winged reproductives. Members of this caste are known as swarmers, and they are young male and female reproductives that fly out of an existing colony to start their own. So what does it mean when you spot these swarmers out in the open, and particularly, in your home?

What are flying termites?

The purpose of a termite colony is to reproduce. In order to do this, after the colony has reached maturity, the queen will start laying eggs that will hatch into swarmers. A single colony can generate hundreds or even thousands of swarmers each year, and they will all fly out at once in order to mate. Most of these swarmers will die, with only a handful managing to start a new colony, and of these new colonies, an even smaller number manage to survive.

Do flying termites pose an immediate threat

The vast majority of swarmers will fail at their task, so seeing swarmers flying around does not mean that you will have a termite infestation any time soon. However, they do indicate the presence of a mature termite colony in the area. If this colony is a subterranean colony, then the home may already be infested. The best way to make sure that your home is safe if you see swarmers in your area regularly is to schedule a yearly inspection program with your local pest control company.

Seeing flying termites in the home

While seeing swarmers outdoors is not really a cause for huge concern, seeing the swarmers indoors should immediately ring alarm bells. The reason these swarmers are in the home is because there is a mature colony somewhere inside the building, and the colony is spawning these swarmers. As such, you should immediately call a pest control pro if you see the swarmers flying around, or if you find piles of wings or piles of dead swarmers in your building. A pro will then come over and perform an inspection to determine the extent of the infestation and the species that is responsible.

For more information about termite swarmers and their behavior, or if you’ve noticed them in your home and need removal services, contact us today and our team members will help you out.

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