Short Guide To House Crickets

The house cricket is a type of cricket that invades our homes and which can survive indefinitely indoors if it starts to nest. The species made its way to the US from Europe, and is now present across the country. The big issue with this pest is that it makes loud chirping noises at noise which can be a giant nuisance.

Identifying house crickets

House crickets have a yellowish brown coloration with dark stripes on their heads. In terms of length, they range between ¾ to ⅞ of an inch, with two antennae that are often longer than their bodies. They will also have wings on their back, except when they are in the nymph stage. Nymphs look almost exactly like an adult, with the exception of the wings.

Signs that you have a house cricket infestation

The first and most obvious sign that you have a house cricket infestation is hearing or seeing them inside. They will be drawn to areas with high high humidity inside of a structure. The chirping noise that is so well known is made by the male of the species in order to attract females. These noises often occur at night, since crickets are nocturnal insects. On top of that, crickets will also chew on fabrics along the edges, and this can be another sign of an infestation.

Control methods

House cricket infestations are usually removed by vacuuming the insects and their eggs. However, you can also destroy an infestation and reduce the odds of it occurring in the future by reducing the moisture levels in and around the home. With proper ventilation in basements, crawl spaces, kitchens and bathrooms, you will deny the crickets nesting locations. You can also change the outdoor lighting sources to less insect attractive lamps such as those with sodium vapor or yellow bulbs. Finally, it’s important to seal off any potential entry points into the hume, such as cracks and gaps in the walls. This will not only prevent a house cricket infestation but also infestations from a wide range of other invasive pests.

If you are having issues with house crickets and DIY control methods do not work out, you can call over a specialist who will remove the infestation for you. Sometimes, the crickets are too well-hidden and they can only be removed using professional methods and products. Contact us today if you are having issues with a house cricket infestation.

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