Which Spider Species Are Most Commonly Encountered In Louisiana Homes And Buildings?

There exists around 46,000 documented spider species in the world, the vast majority of which are not dangerous to humans. The United States is home to 3,000 spider species, some of which are known to inflict medically significant bites. For example, the black widow is regarded as the most venomous spider in the US, and the brown recluse has been found to inflict bite wounds that sometimes lead to tissue necrosis. There exists several other potentially dangerous spider species in the US, such as the brown widow and the hobo spider. Spiders are a common sight in Louisiana neighborhoods, especially in New Orleans. Unfortunately, the state is notable for being home to several highly venomous spider species, including the black widow and the brown recluse. But are these venomous spiders commonly found in Louisiana homes?

The Parasteatoda tepidariorum species, or the common house spider, is aptly named, as these spiders are frequently encountered within homes. Luckily, these spiders are considered harmless to humans and pets. Unfortunately, the brown widow spider is dangerous to humans, and these spiders are especially common in New Orleans where they are often spotted on park benches, streets and in homes. These spiders were accidentally introduced into the United States from either Africa or South America. Brown widow venom is weaker than black widow venom, but several severe brown widow bite cases have been documented.

Another spider commonly found within Louisiana homes is the Twin-flagged jumping spider. These spiders are small but frightening to look at, and they are known for leaping at their prey before inflicting a venomous bite. These spider are generally recognized as being harmless to humans. The dreaded black widow spider is prevalent throughout Louisiana and they are often found beneath rocks and in dry locations that lack light, such as garages, sheds and open air toilets. The brown recluse is also a common sighting within Louisiana homes, and while these spiders will not bite unless provoked, they possess compounds in their venom that have been implicated in causing tissue necrosis. So you will want to avoid these creepy-crawlies.

Have you ever spotted any of the above spiders within your home?



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