Swarms Of Yellow Flies Have Been Attacking Residents Of Florida

unnamed (6)Flies are boring insects that do nothing but buzz around and annoy people, but luckily they are harmless, right? This is what many people believe, but little do they know, some fly species can cause considerable pain with their bites. Many biting fly species dwell within America, and certain residents of Florida have been learning this the painful way. Yellow flies are only one species of fly among several that will not hesitate to bite people. During the past month, residents of Florida have been attacked by swarms of yellow flies while spending time outdoors. Many joggers and hikers have been attacked, and swarms are even descending upon unsuspecting students walking on campus. The bites that these flies inflict cause extreme pain, and swarms can become dangerous to people when the flies are agitated.

Yellow fly swarms emerge during the late spring and early summer following heavy rainfall. Staff members at an outdoor hiking retreat, Eco Adventure, have been seeing more and more visitors attacked by swarms of yellow flies. The staff is assuring visitors that the flies will cease swarming within a couple of weeks, but in the meantime the staff is recommending that visitors avoid certain areas of the retreat where attacks are likely to occur.

Yellow flies are relatively large flies, as they can reach a full half inch in length. These flies are related to deer flies and horse flies, which some people may know as vicious insects. Yellow flies, much like their two close relatives, often follow people with hostile intentions, and they are not hesitant about inflicting repeated bites. Yellow flies do not carry any diseases, but their bites can easily tear skin, as their jaws close in a scissor-like manner. These wounds can lead to secondary infections, such as staph. However, bite victims vary dramatically in their reactions to yellow fly bites. Some bite victims experience nothing more than small welts, while others suffer bloody wounds. In order to protect against yellow fly bites, long sleeves are recommended, and it has been claimed by experts that the color blue attracts them. There is plenty of scientific evidence that suggests dark and contrasting colors on clothing attracts yellow flies, so if you are hiking in Florida, be sure to wear the proper clothes and keep insect repellent handy at all times.

Have you ever sustained a bite from a yellow fly?


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