The Tarantula Fangs That Make For Great Toothpicks

The Tarantula Fangs That Make For Great Toothpicks

If there is only one thing in life that is worth fearing, then it has to be a tarantulas’ fangs; or maybe that is two things. In any case, nobody will ever call you a wimp for regarding tarantula fangs as terrifying. Of course the world is full of hot-shots who may claim to be unphased by the sight of a tarantulas’ fangs. However, you will certainly never hear anyone claim that tarantula fangs are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene, unless of course you live in within northeastern South America. Many people have heard of the infamous Goliath bird-eating spider. This spider has become well known on account of its mammoth size. Experts claim that this spider species is the largest of all spider species on record. Certain tribes in South America consider the fangs of this spider to make ideal toothpicks.

Certain tribes in Brazil associate many superstitions with the native bird-eating spider. For example, the two centimeter long fangs are ideal for curing a toothache. This superstition is now widespread in Brazil and neighboring countries. Some people even have the fangs plated with gold. Why not? If you are going to pick food from between your teeth, then why not do it with some style? The local Piaroa peoples of Amazonas in Venezuela frequently eat Goliath bird-eaters in a special preparation. First the dangerous urticating hairs are burned off. After that, the spider is wrapped in banana leaves and roasted over an open fire. Apparently, the spider is quite tasty. The meaty parts of the spider reportedly taste like shrimp. While the gooey section of the spider is hard-boiled in a rolled leaf and tastes bitter and gritty.

The Goliath bird-eater cannot kill humans with their bite. However, their bites have been reported as being painful. Some victims have compared the pain of their bites with wasp stings. Although the bird-eater is not venomous, it can cause significant pain with its urticating hairs. These hairs resemble harpoons when observed under a microscope. Those who own Goliath bird-eaters as pets must wear protective gear when handling the vicious predators.

Would you ever consider eating a goliath bird eater if it was prepared by experts?


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