Termite Activity Could Occur During The Winter Months In People’s Homes

Termite Activity Could Occur During The Winter Months In People’s Homes

Termite damage to people’s homes can occur for years before homeowners detect a termite presence. Understandably, homeowners worry about termite infestations during the warmer seasons. Being mindful of termite activity during the spring and summer makes sense since termite activity does decrease during the winter months. However, many termite colonies can easily survive the cold temperatures during winter. This is especially true if termites have managed to construct nests in locations that are protected from the effects of cold weather. For example, subterranean termites are known to survive the winter months when colonies are located below concrete slabs. And some areas of a home may be warmer than other areas. The warmest areas of a home make for ideal below-ground locations for termite colonies. In cases where termites have found favorably warm nesting locations, they can continue to damage homes all year round. It typically takes subterranean termite colonies around three to eight years to cause serious and irreversible damage to people’s property.

The termite species that is responsible for the greatest amount of property damage in the United States are eastern subterranean termites. A colony consisting of sixty thousand termites could consume one foot of a 2” by 4” piece of lumber in around five months time. However, the uniquely destructive Formosan subterranean termites are notorious for their sizable colonies that can include millions of workers and soldiers. Queens that belong to Formosan termite colonies produce around two thousand eggs per day. Formosan termites live relatively long lives which last around three to five years. As a result of these factors, enormous colonies can span an area of three hundred feet, which is far greater than the length of most people’s homes. If that is not bad enough, Formosan termites can also consume wood more rapidly than eastern subterranean termites. Unfortunately, if a termite infestation is discovered in a home, there is no way of accurately gauging how long the termites have been feeding. Termite inspection reports are often the only reference available that can help professionals determine how long a termite colony has been damaging property. In any case, if you notice signs of termite activity during the winter months, don’t assume that an infestation is impossible.

Have you ever discovered a mud tube during the winter that contained active termites?


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