Termite Management & Control Systems

Controlling and preventing termites can be more difficult than dealing with other pests, given the fact that these insects spend most of their time either inside wood, or underground. As such, control and prevention methods rely on management systems, which can be installed either during the construction of the home or, as is most likely the case, after it. In this article, we’re going to go over these systems and the benefits of each one.

Pre-construction systems

Before a building is constructed, the contractors can install a physical barrier around the foundation of the home, which can provide long-lasting (up to 50 years) protection. Of course, this option is not really available to existing homeowners, without extensive renovation. It would also be quite expensive in comparison to the two systems we will discuss next.

Post-construction systems

Luckily, there are termite management systems that can be installed after a building has been constructed. These systems are the liquid barrier and the bait system, both of which can be set up by a pest control company.

The liquid barrier consists of a termiticide that is placed in the ground around the home. This barrier will prevent termites going from the home to the colony and vice versa, effectively cutting off access to the building. There are several types of chemicals that can be used, from repellents to termiticides. All of these products are effective at both protecting the home, and ending the existing infestation that is present in the walls.

Bait systems work a little differently. They will not prevent termites from gaining access to your home, but they will destroy an entire colony. With bait systems, you set up cellulose laced with a slow-acting termiticide at various intervals on your property, and the termites will reach this cellulose and then, depending on the termiticide used, either share it around the colony, or die when they are molting near the queen, forcing the queen to relocate. The end result is the same – the queen will eventually die and take the colony with it.

For the best results, you can combine both treatment options. A chemical barrier will end the damage to the home right away, and the bait system will take out the colony. If you would like to find out more information about the termite management systems that you have at your disposal, contact us today with any questions you may have or to set up an appointment.

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