What Are Termites Attracted To?

The home is one of the biggest and most valuable investments for many people, and this investment can lose a lot of value due to a termite infestation. In order to avoid losing home value, termite prevention is key, and in order to prevent infestations, we need to understand termites, their diet and the initial signs of an infestation. Here are some of the things that attract termites to a property:

Tree stumps

Tree stumps are mainly dead wood, and when this wood starts to rot, it becomes prime property for termites. Once the termites infest the tree stump, they will start looking for more, and if this stump is in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before they reach the home.

Outdoor wood piles

It’s quite common for homeowners to have firewood stacks somewhere close to the home and under some cover. However, these stacks are made out of dead wood, which is a main target for termites. With the wood pile close to the home, it’s only a small jump for the termites to get in. In order to avoid this, you want to keep these piles as far away from the home as possible, and at an elevation where the wood cannot be reached from the ground.


Mulch is excellent for gardening, but since it is made out of dead, dry wood, it’s once again a draw for termites. If you want to use mulch, never use it in an area where it touches the foundation of the home directly.

Basement issues

Unfinished basements, cellars and crawl spaces can hold a lot of moisture, which will infiltrate the wooden structures inside, creating a vulnerability to termite infestations. In fact, most termite infestations start from an existing underground colony looking for new sources of food and stumbling into the basement of a building.

Roof issues

Roofs can be a big draw for drywood termites. Unlike the subterranean termites which will infest from the ground up, drywood termites can infest any piece of wood in the home that it can reach. This means that the roof and attic can be prime targets for infestation.

If you have any of these issues present in your home and you are worried about an infestation, contact us today and we can perform an inspection to make sure that your home is safe. If we detect an infestation through this process, then we can take care of it as well.

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