Termites Have Destroyed A Popular Beach Pavilion

Termites Have Destroyed A Popular Beach PavilionFormosan Termites

The state of Florida is a hotspot for termite activity. The state is home to several different termite species. Twenty-one termite species have been documented in Florida, and six of these species are categorized as “invasive”. Residents and visitors in the state cannot escape from termites. These destructive insects are active in every corner of Florida. While destructive termite activity occurs most often in the southern region of the state, the northern panhandle has been seeing a fair amount of termite destruction in recent years. Even Florida’s beaches are highly populated with destructive termites. For example, a wood-constructed pavilion located at Johnson Beach in Pensacola has been destroyed by heavy termite infestations.

The termite-damaged pavilion on Johnson Beach is located in the northern panhandle of the state, which clearly indicates a statewide termite problem. Many of the most recent invasive termites to arrive in Florida originated from nearby Caribbean Islands. Shipping ports are numerous on Florida’s southern coast, which gives non-native termites access to the continental United States. Luckily, these non-native termites cannot spread northward due to inhospitable climatic conditions. Despite the concentration of non-native termites in southern Florida, the north is still heavily populated with highly destructive Formosan termites. The termite-induced destruction of the Johnson Beach Pavilion is only one example of how damaging termites can be in northern Florida.

The County Commissioner of Escambia County does not seem too broken-up about the loss of the beach pavilion, as more parking spaces can be provided to the public after the pavilion remains are completely removed. Termite infestations are also a fact of life for residents of Escambia County, so the termite-damaged pavilion did not come as much of a shock to the public. Although the pavilion is still standing, state park employees have barricaded the pavilion in order to prevent people from entering the dilapidated structure. Sections of the pavilion could easily collapse as a result of the extensive termite damage. This is why keeping visitors out of the structure is a top priority until demolition crews arrive to remove what is left of the pavilion.

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