Termites Force Two Families Out Of Their Infested Condo For A Period Of Three Months

Termite infestation rates vary depending on location. For example, Hawaii and Florida may be the two states that are the worst off when it comes to termite related issues. This is due to the high humidity and hot temperatures in these subtropical and tropical regions, as termites thrive in such conditions. The state of Florida is also home to the greatest diversity of termite species, not to mention the highest amount of invasive termites. In addition to Florida, the entire southeast United States is crawling with many different termite species, most notably Formosan subterranean termites. Most people do not expect to hear about termites infesting structures in the most northern US states, for the obvious reason that the relatively cold weather in this region is not hospitable to termites. However, termites are also notorious for their tendency to strike structures that are located in just about every region of the world, and the most northern states in the continental US are no exception. In fact, a recent termite infestation affecting a condominium has forced two families out of the structure, and this occured in Canada.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that termites cannot survive in the cold of Canada, as the recent termite infestation found within the Forest Heights neighborhood in Kitchener, Ontario is so extensive that the occupants have been forced out of their home for a period of three months so that repairs can be made to the vast amount of structural wood that has been destroyed by the insect pests. The city has been providing the affected residents with a hotel room for the past three months while the extensive termite infestation is eradicated within the two townhouses. Apparently, this particular infestation is the worst that the city’s chief building inspector has ever encountered in his 12 years on the job.

Do you think that the US Government should provide victims of termite infestations with temporary housing?


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