Termites Could Gain Access To Your Home In Unexpected Ways

Termites Could Gain Access To Your Home In Unexpected Ways

Discovering that you have a termite infestation would be a major drag. The possibility of finding termites within a home is a frightening thought. It is easy to assume that termite infestations are easy to avoid. But how often do you find other types of insects within your living quarters? Finding bugs in a house is not uncommon, and most of us either kill insect intruders on sight, or we simply ignore them. What about the areas of your home that you rarely see? Such as the nooks and crannies in basements and attics? It can safely be assumed that insects inhabit these small areas. And some insects are so small in size that they are hardly noticeable. It goes without saying that homeowners have very little control over how, when and where certain insects will invade a home, so why should termites not be considered a threat to all homeowners? No matter how surprising it may be to find a termite infestation within your home, there is almost always a simple reason for the cause of the infestation. It could be said that most termite infestations begin by unknowingly making our homes attractive to termites.

It is common to find termites within people’s attics and crawlspaces. Termites thrive in moist environments. Our home’s attics and crawlspaces can easily become moist. This makes these areas ideal termite habitats without proper ventilation. By keeping the air in your attic and crawlspace relatively dry, termites will not attempt an infestation in these areas. However, too much dry air can lead to wood damage that can attract termites. The roof of a home is constantly exposed to the sun, which quickly causes the wood beneath shingles to become dry. Wood that has become dried-out by heat exposure is favored by termites. Dry wood is an easy source of cellulose. This is why attending to your roof is important in order to prevent infestations. Also, a home’s wall or subflooring can become damp from repeat exposure to water. Some air conditioners, for example, drip water that accumulates into walls and flooring. This creates a termite friendly habitat. Making sure that your gutters are diverting water away from your home is also important for preventing termites from infesting your home.

If you have ever experienced a termite infestation, did it occur as a result of something that you could have prevented with a little work?





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