Termites Are Swarming Into Several Homes In A Lafayette Neighborhood

It is unfortunately that time of year when termites are out and about, swarming in many states due to the warm temperatures that come with the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Termite swarms are always a problem at this time of year, but one Lafayette neighborhood seems to be showing even more termite activity than usual. The neighborhoods of Greenbriar and Brentwood in Lafayette, LA are currently dealing with entire colonies of termites swarming and infesting the different homes in said neighborhood. Neighbors believe that at least one home must be infested with a colony of termites, and now the insect pests are swarming after dark, attracted to the lights shining from inside people’s homes. The nighttime swarms are so bad that residents are having to leave their lights off in order not make their house a target.

Kirk Piccione is one of the residents that is finding these swarms to be a massive problem. He related that his daughter was up late studying for finals with her bedroom lights on for multiple nights, often falling asleep at her desk with the lights still on. They noticed the very next day that some of the swarming termites had entered their home, most likely through the vents in their attic, in which the worker termites often find a good place to transfer their colony when they need a new place to live. Piccione showed news reporters his kitchen, which was still covered in dead termites. Once these swarmers do get inside your house, there isn’t much you can do, as they die very quickly. What you want to make sure of is if they are coming outside or inside. Pest control professionals suggest sealing up all cracks and windows, and make sure your home is as moisture-free as you can make it. The main thing you want to do it try to discourage them from seeing your house and then waiting to come inside by turning off most lights, especially outside one, using only interior lights while pulling your shades down.

Are you seeing more termite swarms lately?


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