Termites Are Swarming Early This Year

Termites Are Swarming Early This Year

Every year around April flying termites (alates) begin to swarm. These swarming termites are searching for both a mate and a site that is suitable for a new colony. Once a mate and a location are found, the alates lose their wings and become the queen and king of a new colony. Termite swarms are spotted often in certain locations within the United States. Other regions, especially the north, do not see as many swarms, but there are still plenty that occur. The region of America that sees the most termite swarms every spring would have to be the Gulf Coast region, and other southeast states. Obviously, termites are prevalent in Louisiana, but no state sees a greater degree of termite species diversity than Florida. Since southern Florida is rich in sea ports, many non-native termite species have gained entrance into the state. The people of Florida are no strangers to termite swarms, especially those living in the southern regions of the state. However, the people of Jacksonville, Florida are seeing termite swarms at a particularly early time in the year. Several Florida based pest control companies have confirmed an unusually high amount of termite swarms so far this year in the state. There is no doubt that termite swarms are emerging early this year, but experts are not exactly sure as to why.

In mid-February, a resident of Jacksonville was amazed to find termites, both dead and alive, covering her floor and furniture. This resident is just one of hundreds who have noticed the unusually early and numerous swarms occurring throughout Florida. According to one expert, termites do not swarm based on the calendar; instead moisture and temperature are the sole factors that allow, or disallow termite alates to take flight. Since temperatures are unusually warm in humid Florida and other states this year, termites are already beginning to swarm. It is highly unusual to see termite swarms occuring during mid-February. Experts are claiming that the destructive Formosan subterranean termites are being spotted swarming more than any other species. Despite many theories, experts cannot conclusively determine why termite alates are swarming this early, but global warming seems to be the likely culprit.

Do you think that different termite species swarm at different times of year?


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