How Termites Will Permanently Alter America’s Economic Development In The Near Future

Unfortunately, too many people wrongly consider termites to be boring insects, and stumbling upon interesting termite-related articles online does not happen often. Despite this, many people have become aware of the fact that termite mounds are inspiring new forms of green architecture. What makes a termite mound architecturally unique is the series of ventilation ducts within that allow for a form of air conditioning that does not require any energy input. It seems that termites learned to create a green form of architecture well before humans, but thanks to a large grant from the American Government, the world’s brightest engineers will attempt to model green buildings after termite mounds. Government leaders believe that new termite-inspired buildings will change the economic landscape for the better in America.

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Not long ago, the National Science Foundation spent 300,000 dollars on studies into termite mounds and how they can serve as models for the development of energy efficient man made buildings. Just last week, the NSF granted the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology an additional 475,000 dollars into this promising area of research. At the same time, the NSF also released a statement saying that research into termite mounds can lead to greater energy independence and security in America. The statement also claimed that building green structures that mimic termite mounds will lead to a stronger economy as new forms of manufacturing and technology will develop in accordance with the blossoming green architecture industry.

At the moment, the researchers working for the NSF are focusing on how termites create mound-building materials and how these materials promote the efficacy of a mound’s internal cooling system. Since mound-building termite species do not exist in North America, the researchers are traveling to the African country of Namibia in order to study mounds within their natural surroundings. Mound samples are also being transported back to the US for thorough testing. One of the researchers, Andrea Surovek, Ph.D., has examined hundreds of slices of termite mounds, which has allowed her to create a detailed 3D map of a mound’s internal structure. This research will lead to an understanding of new architectural forms that require less energy input and are more sustainable than traditional architectural designs. If this research proves fruitful, then all the homes and buildings of the future will be modeled after termite mounds.

Do you believe that humans can succeed in creating green structures that mimic the architectural peculiarities that allow for sustainable air conditioning in termite mounds?

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