The Insects That Dwell Near Marshland Waters | Pest Control Services

The Insects That Dwell Near Marshland Waters | Pest Control Services

Tidal marshes are small bodies of water that look like really big mud puddles. The constant high-moisture air coupled with the long surrounding grass makes marshlands perfect environments for many different insects. However, marsh insects are unique in that they are often adapted to the aquatic environment. Some insects are even capable of diving beneath the water’s surface. Then there are those insects that live part of their lives underwater, and part of their lives on dry land. Butterflies, and dragonflies are the most common insects found living near marshlands.

Dragonflies, not to be confused with damselflies, are predatory by nature and eat various small insects. Some dragonflies prefer to fly during the day. And these dragonflies are often referred to as “skimmers” because they skim slightly above the water’s surface while flying. The soon-to-be dragonflies that are in the larval stage are known as nymphs. Nymphs spend a lot of their time underwater hiding behind structures and feeding off of available vegetation.

The monarch butterfly, unlike the dragonfly, does not prefer to spend the majority of its time near marshes. The monarch butterfly prefers open areas with meadows and abundant milkweed for sustenance. These butterflies are capable of flying across the country. So when a monarch butterfly is ready to relocate from the marshlands in the south, and Midwest, it will migrate north. Once the next season arrives more monarch butterflies will also, but this time the arriving butterflies are probably the grandkids of the previous seasons monarch butterflies.

Of course, no wet, hot, sub-tropical region of the world would be complete without millions of mosquitoes, and of course mosquitoes love marshes as much as you would assume. The mosquito does not always have natural predators in marshy regions because standing water drowns out any possible mosquito-killers. However, in marshy regions with no standing water, mosquitoes are quickly snuffed out by predators.

Have you ever walked around near a marsh? Which types of spiders and/or insects did you notice?



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