These Creepy Spiders Have Incredible Shrinking Eyes | Pest Control 

These Creepy Spiders Have Incredible Shrinking Eyes | Pest Control Alexandria Pest Control

You are probably aware of the fact that arachnids have eight eyes (sometimes six), which is an impressive number of eyes, but one spider has eyes that are both larger and smaller than any other spider. This is possible due to the male net-casting spiders ability to shrink its eyes from huge to tiny. The male net-casting spider may be sporting the largest eyes of any spider, but once this spider undergoes its final molt, its eyes shrink by twenty-five percent.

A male spider reaches its height of maturity after its final molt. Once this happens male spiders are no longer able to cast silken nets, but they gain the ability to mate. According to researchers from the University of Nebraska, the net-casting spider uses its secondary eyes in order to hunt prey. However, once this spider becomes available for mating, it loses its ability to cast nets, and therefore hunt. Since net-casing spiders use these secondary eyes to hunt then it is no wonder why their eyes shrink dramatically after their final molt.

The researchers noted how dramatic the behavioral change was in the spider after its final molt. The net-casting spider is among the most skilled and predatory of all spiders, and this is due to its large secondary eyes, which all spiders use for hunting. After this spiders final molt, a super-predator transforms into a harmless vessel for female fertilization.

Net-casting spiders are also not used to traveling long distances to find a mate. In fact, for much of the juvenile net-casting spider’s life, they are immobile for long periods. Their hunting strategy involves hanging from a tree branch waiting for unsuspecting prey, so before their final molt, these spiders hardly travel at all. Researchers noted that this dramatic change in sensory perception has occurred in other animals that required the use of different senses in order to survive.

Have you ever stood close enough to a spider to observe its eyes? If you have, what color were they? And what type of spider were you looking at?




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