What Are False Black Widows?

The black widow is a spider that is known around the world. It has an iconic shape, coloration and marking, but did you know that there are several spider species that are often confused for black widows, and some species which are actually known as false black widows?

Brown widows

The widow family of spiders is fairly extended, and in it, you will find the brown widow. Brown widows have the same shape as a black widow, but are slightly smaller, dark brown, and with no markings or a light brown hourglass on the abdomen. These widows have a venom that is much stronger than that of the black widow, and they have fangs that can pierce the skin, but they inject such an insignificant amount of venom with each bite, that the bite just causes slight pain.

Red widows

Similarly to the brown widow, the red widow is very similar to the black widow with the exception of its color which is dark red/brownish-red. The females will have a semi-hourglass shaped marking, and they have a venom that is similar to that of the black widow in potency and the symptoms it causes.

False black widows

The false black widow is chocolate brown in coloration with a shiny sheen and no hourglass marking, but it has the same shape as a black widow. It is also slightly smaller than the black widow, and while it does have venom and will bite in self-defense, the bite is not considered a medical emergency.

Noble false black widows

The noble false black widow is very similar to the false black widow, but it has a cream-colored marking on its abdomen that resembles a skull. This spider also rarely bites people, but it has large fangs that can tear through the skin and lead to a wound that can get infected if it is not cleaned.

Other spiders that are often mistaken for black widows

There are several other spiders that are mistaken for black widows, even though they will not resemble them as much as the spiders on this list. However, it’s important to contact a pest control company whenever you notice a spider that resembles a black widow even if it does not have a marking, because male and young black widows can be dark brown in coloration and will not have the hourglass. If you have any questions about black widows, or if you suspect that you have an infestation, contact us today.

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