What Attracts Spiders to my House?

Are spiders your roommates? Well! You are not the only one. 

These 8-leged creepy-crawlies are found in abundance across the globe. With 3000 different species of spiders in the United States alone, every second house has spiders as their roomies. 

Sounds scary?

But, did you know that the natural habitat of spiders is outdoors? Yes, let the truth be told.

Spiders mostly thrive in lawns and backyards. They do not sneak into your home on purpose. They get in accidentally through the open gaps or tiny cracks in your home. Now that we know the how, it is time to understand the why.

Why do they get in? What attracts them to your house?

Let’s find out.

What Attracts Spiders?

Spiders seek shelter in your home for some specific reasons. If you see spiders in your home, you must figure out the reason too. Let’s take a look at the main reasons that draw spiders to your property:

  1. Easy access: Even the minute gap or crack in the wall is an invitation to spiders and other pests as it gives them easy access to invade your property. Sometimes, spiders also crawl in through the holes created by other pests. 
  2. Warmth: Spiders are fragile. They cannot stand extreme weather conditions and always search for humid places. The smallest change in the weather can bring them to your warm home, where they seek refuge. 
  3. Privacy: Spiders are loners. They love the privacy and therefore prefer hard-to-reach and dark places like the attic, room corners, and under the furniture. Moreover, these spots are an ideal setting for spiders to creating their hunting web
  4. Garden: The most common reason that attracts pests, including spiders, is the garden in your yard. Spiders love the outdoors and feed on insects. Even though they will remove other harmful insects, which is good, but a garden can often invite some poisonous species of spiders like the brown recluse or the black widow.
  5. Nourishment: Spiders always hunt for food. They feed on any and every type of insect, such as mosquitoes, moths, flies, etc. They are attracted to a home that provides the right food source. So, if there are various insect pests in your house, a spider invasion is guaranteed. 

Prevention Tips

Now that you know what encourages spiders to enter your home, let’s learn some tips to spider-proof your home and keep them away.

  • Trim the bushes, trees, and shrubs in your garden
  • Sweep, vacuum, and clean all corners, ceilings, and undisturbed places of your home regularly.
  • Seal up holes, cracks, and gaps in and around your home.
  • Use stripping around doors and windows to prevent the entry of spiders.
  • Remove the clutter from basements and garages where spiders usually hide.
  • Stack firewood off-ground and at a distance of least 20 feet away from your home.

Wrapping Up

Eradicating spiders from your home can become a difficult task, as they can hide away in places beyond human reach and visibility. To avoid this hassle, hire a professional spider exterminator to detect all the entry points, hiding spots and eliminate them before the spider infestations get out of control. 

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