Where do Ants Hide?

Crawling ants on the top of the kitchen counter or trailing black ants on the bathroom floor don’t make you feel alone. Ants often enter your house during summer and springtime in search of nest and food sources.

To prevent these nuisance pests from invading our home, we need to understand the most favorite places for ants to hide.


Start looking for an ant in the kitchen to nip your ant problem in the bud. The kitchen is the most favorite place where house ants reside, looking for food sources. Let’s face the facts here.

Ants live on our leftover food and stagnant water to survive. This makes kitchen an ideal place for ants with ample food and water.

Want to prevent them from peeping into your kitchen?

Make sure to clean all the leftovers and clean the kitchen sinks before going to bed.


As you use your bathroom constantly, chances are more that excess water gets build-up resulting in moisture. Ants are attracted to water.

In case you didn’t know, ants will race up to the accidental leaks in your bathroom. Be sure to clean spilled water after taking a shower or bath.

Want another piece of advice? Clean the bathroom floor with disinfectant so that ants will never come back again.

Pet food and water bowls:

Pet food and water bowls are not safe from ant invasions. Ants are very intelligent, and they will find the leftover food of your pets as well. Add a bit of petroleum jelly in the pet bowl after your cat or dog leaves chow in their bowl.

Are you confused? Be sure to rub the jelly across the rim of the bowl.

By doing so, the ants cannot climb the bowl of your pet, and also, the jelly will not go into the mouth of your pets.

Inside walls:

Can ants live in these tiny holes?

Yes, of course!

Inspecting the cracks of your house walls should be the priority when looking for ant infestation. They prefer to stay inside the walls because it will make the place safer to hide and get the food source while remaining inside your house.

Air conditioning and heating units:

Ants love to reside inside the air conditioning and heating units. If you find one, treat their mound with an ant killer. Clean the exterior part of your air conditioning unit with soap and water.

Under concrete slabs:

Have you noticed ants eating insects and meat from your home? If yes, try to trace them beneath the house floor foundation. They could be nesting inside the concrete slabs of your home.

Try to bait them with an ant bomb or traps to remove them from concrete slabs.

The Trashcan:

Okay, so you might be shocked to see the trashcan in this list. Just because it is an easy place for them to access doesn’t mean you should let them live there.

Make sure to remove and dispose of the trash bins regularly to avoid attracting ants.

Need hands of experienced professionals?

Are you having a hard time locating ants’ nests?

If yes, we can emphasize calling pest control professionals. By doing so, you need not worry about the ants getting crawling up your sleeves again.

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