Which Wasp Species Is Nesting On Your Property?

Summer time means a lot of things, from having fun outside, to having to deal with more insects on your property. One insect species would be particularly unwelcome – the wasps. If you start to notice a lot of wasps in an area, odds are that there is a nest nearby. These nests need to be left alone, because the wasps will swarm to protect them. Here are some of the species that may be nesting on your property:

Paper wasps

Paper wasps will have colonies that are centered around one queen, and this queen will set the tone for behavioral patterns among all the members of the nest. A very hierarchical species, these wasps will build nests that look like upside down umbrellas. These nests are almost always open, and they can become quite large. The nests will be built on single supporting stalks and consist of a paper-like material.


Yellowjackets also create their nests from a papery material as well, and these nests have a single opening. Inside the nests, the yellowjackets will create hundreds of tiers of cells, in which they rear their young. This species can also create vast underground nests that become enormous over time.

Mud daubers

You will often notice mud daubers at one of your backyard picnics, or you will hear them buzzing near the outdoor pavilion in the park. The mud wasps however are a peaceful, solitary species, and they build nests in the mud, which have a tubular shape.

Bald-faced hornets

Despite the name, bald-faced hornets are actually a species of wasps, and you can recognize them by the white markings on their head and body. This is a highly territorial wasp species that will sting repeatedly if it feels that its nest is under threat. The nests are made out of wood fibers that are chewed up and mixed with saliva, and they will usually be at least three feet above the ground, where they can grow to the size of a basketball.

Getting rid of wasp nests

Regardless of the species on your property, you do not want to tackle the infestation by yourself. Removing wasp nests without the proper gear, knowledge and products can be very dangerous. If you notice a nest on your property, contact us today, and we will send someone over immediately who will be able to safely remove it for you.

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