Why are Formosan termites such a big deal?

It is a surprise that most insurance companies do not cover the damage caused by termites, even though the termite population has reached epidemic proportions. The termites cause destruction and invade your property within no time. The danger they pose to the wooden structures inside your house surpasses the damage caused by floods and fires.

Formosan termites, also known as “super termites,” tend to decay any wooden sources, and they can breed quickly.

Formosan termites are different from other termite species, and the pest control experts will take precautionary measures to remove these termite infestations.

How Dangerous are Formosan termites?

Formosan termite colonies cause more architectural disasters in less time. Formosan termites can utilize the moisture in an excellent way than other native termite species. They are known to make cartons from a leaky gutter or damaged roof through which they can retain moisture within their colony.

These termite species can make their colonies where you haven’t even imagined. They can make their locations inside the plaster beam, wood, and low-grade metal.

When it comes to protecting their colonies, Formosan termites are aggressive than other termite species. The soldier termites emit a white liquid and safeguard the termite colony by defending the victim.

Dangers of Formosan termites:

Well, you will freak out when you’ll hear that Formosan termites can eat up to 300 feet per day. Now imagine these termites getting inside your home and causing structural damage. Not a pretty picture.

As the spring approaches, the termite activity will increase, reaching its peak during the summer months. The population will increase in millions by the end of the spring. Naturally, these termites need a large amount of cellulose for survival, leading them to hunt for food sources.

Like carpenter ants, these termite species silently eat away the foundation structure of your home. If you suspect an increased activity of the termite species, make sure to call pest control professionals.

Formosan termites leave the warning signs, including the sagging walls, ceilings, and creaking foundations. These termite species are known to make their nests underground but quickly consume the cellulose when they come in contact.

During the winter months, Formosan termites burrow their nests between 12 to 18 inches below the ground. They do so to escape the frigid temperature. Don’t be so happy if you don’t notice any termites during the winter season, as these termite species will emerge again as the temperature increases.

Make sure to prevent these termites from entering your house during the winter months. Once they find their way inside your home, they will create havoc that is virtually unabated.

How to prevent termites from entering your house?

Prevention is always the best step. Make sure to keep a constant check on the holes, cracks, and crevices of your home and get them repaired immediately. Do not leave the piles of wooden elements as termites get attracted to wooden structures.

If you find difficulty dealing with the Formosan termites’ infestation, get the professional’s help immediately before things get worse.

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